W lthough Suzor Wines first vintage was in 2011, the story begins many years earlier. I started making regular trips to France to visit family when I was just five years old. Although I was not drinking wine on the first few visits, I soon began exploring the cellars of the Loire and Burgundy with my family. Those fateful visits in my youth created the notion that I could one day make wine as well.

In 1996, I moved from the Bay Area to Portland, Oregon to attend Reed College. Upon graduation, I landed my first job in the wine world with Ponzi Vineyards as a cellar hand. Under the tutelage of Luisa and Dick Ponzi, I learned that great wine come from great grapes. Gentle handling and respect for what the growing season gives you will yield superior wines.

After four years of working with some truly iconic Oregon winemakers, I decided to spend some time in other regions that were producing Pinot Noir. Harvests in New Zealand and Burgundy gave me perspective for Pinot Noir grown in Oregon. Post harvest I enrolled in the CFPPA in Burgundy, France for a postgraduate program in Viticulture and Enology in Beaune.

After making wine for other wineries for ten years, in 2011, I decided it was finally time to create wine for myself. Five barrels were produced, and Suzor Wines was born. The name comes from my mothers family. Without them I would never had the opportunity to spend time in France, visit the caves of Burgundy, or sample some of the most memorable wines.