W ine is more than just a beverage from fermented fruit. Wine can stand alone – tell a story about a place. Grasp at a memory of an occasion and guide it forth into your mind. But often it is best served partnered with a memoriable meal. A meal shared with friend and family. A meal that is more than simply sustenance for the body: a meal that elevates the senses and the conversations. At Suzor Wines, we create wines for these moments, both simple evenings at home alone, or a night filled with exception.


Wines should be texturally riched, balanced and food friendly. Fruit is sourced from older vineyard sites that are slightly higher in elevation (around 700 ft). This allows for a longer, more even ripening season. We value acidity as it brings freshness and brightness to a wine in its youth, and allows the wine to age gracefully. Tannins are meant to be the background support, coming from both grape skins and lightly toasted oak influence. These two forms of tannin work in tandem, providing the structure of the wine, without stepping on the elegance of the fruit. What does all of this mean? The glass you pour for yourself and your friends is effortlessly enjoyable. Bright red fruit and a breadth of aromas circle the glass. On the palate, the wine is elegantly structured, flavors of wild strawberry co-mingle with savory spices.

Enjoy the wine with your friends.
Better yet, share it with your adversary,
making you the better person.